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Pasture-Raised Beef
Our cattle are never confined to feed lots, but are free to graze on fresh grass fields.  Our beef is raised without the administration of growth hormones and are fed without added animal by-products of any kind.  This is beef you can truly enjoy.

According to USDA and Florida Department of Agriculture law, we are allowed to sell our beef while the animal is still alive.  We are allowed up to 8 buyers for one steer. (Please note that you are free to “cow-pool” with friends and family.)  Therefore, from now until the near future when, hopefully, the laws are more favorable to local farmers and consumers, we will be taking orders for beef which will be available in the following options:

Whole share Custom cut to your specifications.  Cost: $6.50 per pound*
Half share Custom cut to your specifications.  Cost:  $7.00 per pound*

 *Our price is based on an estimated take home weight, which is calculated as follows:
                        Carcass hanging weight – 20-25% = estimated take home weight

Please note pasture-raised beef tends to be leaner than grain finished and that your actual take home weight may vary from the estimated depending on bone size, fat content, etc.  Our average carcass weight over the past year was 245 pounds per side which would render a half share estimated take home weight of 184 pounds. Standard processing fees are included in the price.  As a courtesy, we offer free limited home delivery to certain areas near our farm for whole and half shares, otherwise, beef must be picked up by the purchaser from the processor in Seville, FL. (Shipping is NOT available)  Split shares must be picked up at our farm the same day we pick the meat up from the processor.

How Much Do I Get?

This depends a lot on the animal you buy. Below are general figures based on typical cuts from a half beef. Please note that our beef will have a live weight from 700-800 lbs.  Also, quantity will be affected by selected size of cut. (The cuts below are according to industry standards.)

                                                            Half                 Whole
Total amount of beef                         168-210 lbs      336-385 lbs
Approximate Freezer
space needed      
                             6 cubic feet       12 cubic feet
Approximate Total Costs                $1092-1400        $2100-2750

Meat from a typical half beef consists of approximately: 

 Individual Cut                                            Half Beef  
Chuck Roast                                                 20-24 lbs.
Sirloin Tip Roast/Steak                                   5-6 lbs.
Round Steak, or Stew Meat                            6-8 lbs.
Ribeye Steak                                                 5-7 lbs.
T-Bone Steak                                                 6-8 lbs.
Sirloin Steak                                                    4 lbs.
Flank Steak                                                      1 lb.
Brisket                                                             4 lbs.
Short Ribs                                                       4 lbs.
Soup Bones with meat                                    8 lbs.
Liver                                                                2 lbs.
Ground Beef                                               90-100 lbs.

How to Order

Order Now

We accept orders on a first come first served basis as beef becomes available. You may order at anytime and we will contact you with a time when your beef will be ready for processing.    We require a deposit upon ordering with the balance due upon delivery or pick-up. Please see the attachment for order form and pricing. 
How To Purchase:

    • Please fill out the attached form and mail in with a non-refundable down payment.  Or pay deposit online.
    • Make check to Smith and Johns, Inc. Attn: Wendy Smith, 9345 Hastings Blvd., Hastings, FL  32145
    • You will be given an estimated delivery date upon our receiving your order.  Please have freezer space available, as we must deliver straight from the packer to your door.
    • Final payment will be required at delivery. (Cash/Check only)